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Windshield Replacement Arlington

In Arlington, TX, it can sometimes feel like we live in our cars. From commuting to work, running errands, and visiting with family and friends, our car can act as a second home. Why not take the best possible care for your vehicle and make those daily drives a more safe and comfortable task? Windshield replacement is a great place to start. But how do you determine how much this routine repair should cost? While there is no one simple answer, there are several guidelines you can consider to determine how you will be charged.


Windshield Replacement Arlington

Research Costs for the Make, Model and Year of Your Car

The size and year of your car may have the biggest influence on the price of your windshield replacement. Additional features like rain sensors, glare-protection, and custom mouldings will also factor into the material costs of your repair. If your vehicle is of a popular make and model, chances are that the local autoglass repair shops around Arlington will have the appropriate materials in stock, or can easily purchase them on the day of your repair. If you drive a rare, vintage, or highly-customized vehicle, this can increase the material costs involved in your windshield replacement.




Check Your Insurance Coverage

Since the cost of windshield replacement in Arlington can be less than a few hundred dollars, your insurance deductible may be greater than paying for the cost of the repair out of pocket. For example, if your deductible is $300, and the windshield replacement quote is $350, filing a claim with your insurance company may not be worth your time or expenses. Most good quality autoglass shops will offer free quotes upfront, which should cover any additional costs like disposal fees, labor, or warranties. Always double check if any of these add-on items will be required for your repair.

Choose Between On-Site or In-Shop Service

Several windshield replacement services in Arlington offer mobile repair services. This means that a technician will travel to your work or home and perform the replacement on site. For those dealing with a severely damaged windshield, this is a great option and much more affordable than covering the costs of a towing service. For those who are not easily able to take time out from work or school to schedule repairs, this can also be a perfect option. Check with your local autoglass shop to determine any extra fees that could be associated with a mobile replacement.

Windshield Replacement Arlington

Consider the Value of A Windshield Replacement Guarantee

Several windshield replacement companies offer to guarantee their parts, labor, or a combination of both. While these companies may be slightly more expensive, they can save you future expenses in the long run. Furthermore, guaranteed work will help to preserve the resale value of your car should you choose to sell it in the future. Just make sure to keep documentation of this.



Windshield Replacement Arlington

Think About The Long-term Risks of Working With Cost Cutting Companies

Avoid working with anyone who approaches you in a parking lot to offer a cheap, cash-only repair. Shops that promise to give you the lowest price possible can also be a risk. It might be tempting to find ways to cut costs on your windshield replacement, but chances are that you could do long term damage if the windshield is not fitted and installed correctly. An incorrectly sized or installed windshield is dangerous to you and your passengers, so avoid this at all costs.


A windshield replacement is a great way to maintain the security and value of your car. To determine the price of this service, you’ll need to take into account the size and model of your car, whether you’ll use insurance, if you require on-site repairs, and the value of getting the work guaranteed. However, we recommend the trusted industry experts with a track record of satisfied customers over at Low Price Auto Glass, Upholstery, Auto Body and Paint for all your auto repair needs!

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