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Services: Auto Body Repair and Auto Paint

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No one expects to get into an auto accident, which is what makes it all the harder to choose an Auto Body Repair shop that is right for you. We work with all major insurance providers to make the process and smooth and seamless as possible for our customers. Whether you are in Dallas or one of the surrounding comminutes you have a partner you can trust here at Low Price Auto.

We use only the highest quality paint and body products to make sure that your car looks as good as the day before you got into an accident. Also, many customers come in for repairs that are not involved in an insurance claim and have found that our prices are so competitive that they don’t even need to make a claim! Not making a claim means that your insurance rates will stay the same, which can save you even more money over years. A win win for our customers!

Our technicians are highly trained in the most up to date and relevant practices in the automotive industry to make sure that your car, which is one of your largest investments, is in the most capable of hands at all time. Also, our friendly onsite staff will make sure you are always in the know about where your automobile is in the auto body repair process. We understand that every day your family goes without a car is a HUGE inconvenience and we want to make sure our customers know when they will get back on the road.

Whether it is a quick out of pocket repair or a more involved insurance claim, we stand behind the work we perform for our customers. We have been serving Dallas and surrounding communities for years with a track record of satisfied customers. Give us a call today to schedule a time for your FREE estimate!