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Caring for you Vehicle’s Interior

How your car looks on the inside is just as important as how it looks on the outside. A well kept interior adds quality to your driving experience and offers a lot more comfort and safety. Cleaning the exterior can be as simple as a quick trip through the car wash or hand cleaning with other car exterior cleaning products. The interior of your car is a different story because if you want to keep it clean, you really have to work at it. Here are some tips for keeping your vehicle’s interior neat and clean.



The vacuum is arguably the single best tool for keeping your car’s interior clean and sanitized. Not only is it an effective way to remove the dirt and debris from under your floor mats to the top of your seats, it is a great way to get rid of the filth that has collected in all the various nooks and crannies of your vehicle. For the best results, get in there with a high-powered vacuum that has a hose and attachments so you can clean out every crevice. A coin-operated vacuum at a car wash is a great place to start. A quick note about vacuuming car floor mats: remove them from the car and shake them out to get rid of excess dirt prior to vacuuming.

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Fabric Upholstery

While a vacuum does a great job of getting rid of dirt in the carpeting, floor mats, and seats, sometimes these spots need some extra TLC. After all, grime can often get ground into the upholstery causing discoloration that remains even after you run the vacuum. Get rid of those blemishes by using a carpet and upholstery cleaner. These cleaners are specially formulated to deep clean your seats and carpets while not saturating them with moisture (you want to avoid heavy amounts of moisture as this actually promotes mold growth). Higher quality floor mats come pre-treated with a protective coating. For rubber floor mats, a good power wash will get the grime, gunk and grossness out of your vehicle.

InteriorLeather Upholstery

If your vehicle has leather seats, you should keep them looking their best as stained, ripped, and/or cracked seats, besides being unsightly, might also hurt the resale value of your vehicle. A vacuum can, and should, be used to get rid of the surface dirt on any kind of seat. For a deeper clean, a special leather cleaner should be used on leather seats (followed by a leather conditioner to protect them).




Although you might not notice it all that often (since you’re busy looking at the road when you drive), the dashboard can collect its fair share of grit and dust. In addition to vacuuming, using a microfiber dust cloth on the dashboard is a great way to get it looking good again. Once it’s been cleaned, using a protective cleaner, such as Armor All, on the dashboard will help to prevent fading, cracking, and peeling. These protectants also aid in retaining the color of your interior against the sun and its UV rays. The steering wheel counts as part of the dashboard so you should put some protectant on that too. If you have passed the point of no return as it applies to fading, cracking and peeling dash, seats or steering wheel, it might make sense to grab a dash cover, steering wheel cover or seat cover.


Auto Windshield


The windows of your vehicle are maybe the most important part of your interior to keep clean. After all, clean windows make for better visibility. Getting rid of all the various smudges, fingerprints, and even paw prints (if you have a pet who frequently rides along with you) will allow you to see better while making your car simply look nice. Select glass cleaners even provide a water repellent formula that beads and wisps away water allowing for better visibility. Just make sure you use something that won’t leave behind streaks. Newspaper can come in handy in this instance. It is important to know that some glass cleaners do not work well with tinted windows and can also damage the heating elements that de-frost and fog your windshield. Household glass cleaners contain ammonia, which over time will breakdown the heating element on your auto glass rendering your windshield defrosters useless.


You must be thinking, The trunk? What does it matter if the trunk is dirty? Nobody sits in there. From a truly aesthetic standpoint, having a messy trunk isn’t a big deal. However, did you know that having a cluttered trunk can affect your vehicle’s fuel economy? Keeping items in there all the time can add weight to your car, which causes the engine to work harder when you drive, thus burning more fuel. If you don’t absolutely need to haul something around in your trunk on a given day, it should be empty. Your wallet will thank you. Of course we realize that there are situations where trunk storage is required. When this occurs, we recommend keeping your vehicle’s trunk organized granting you easy access to the items you need.




Now that you’re squeaky clean make sure your vehicle is organized. Organizing your vehicle keeps out the clutter, making interior upkeep easier. Car organization items are designed with function in mind and are ideal for those us who bring items with us on the road. If you store items in your trunk, a trunk organizer might be the right solution for you. Items like visor organizers, dash caddies and seat organizers keep the mess at bay while allowing you to quickly and easily vacuum up debris.

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